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Inspired by the famous words of Carl Sagan (The Pale Blue Dot), HOME is a show that addresses issues related to the most wonderful point in our Universe, our Planet Earth.

Every second, a new human life arrives; Every second a heart dies; How does the world react to a new heartbeat? How would humans live without this world? What would our lives be like today without our ancestors, without the great Emperors and Generals, without wars, without suffering, without the great superheroes, without anything that identifies us as people? Without our brilliant minds? These are some questions that we face every day, but rarely find an answer. The needs of human beings, the constant interference and changes in our world, are all due to what we did in the past and what we encounter in the present. 

“A mistake only becomes a mistake until you refuse to correct it”, said John F. Kennedy.

HOME aims to raise awareness among viewers. It intends to answer and ask even more questions. It intends to alert us. It aims to revive our memories. It aims to reach every human being. HOME is a solo show, where dance merges with the scenic elements and unique videography, completed by a bold soundtrack. All combined, it will take the viewer on a beautiful historical and multimedia journey.

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